A Day in the Bush

A Day in the Bush

Have you read “The Little Prince”? Absolutely everything from the famous baobab tree is exploited, and the fruit is delicious and full of antioxidants. Our guide is a well of ancient knowledge about trees and plants.

A walk in the bush, including a visit to the café.

Best to set out early in the morning before the sun gets too hot. Before we return home for lunch it’s relaxing to hang out at the village café, where you can watch village life and find an interesting conversation partner.

Jola culture revolves around rice, the forest and the palm trees. On our walk through the village and the surrounding forest, you will see the baobab tree that gives you juice and a vitamin C shock, the palm tree that gives us wine and building materials, the cashew tree with the nuts that give the local population important income, and you might also see how the red palm oil is produced.

We will be passing by the women’s vegetable garden, and you will also hear about medicinal use of plants. Maybe you’ll get a taste of palm wine as well.