A day in the fishing village Kafountine

The Fishing Village Kafountine

Here you get to know all about the local fishing business, from building colorful pirogues under the trees on the beach, to packing fish onto trucks that head east and north. A little big town where you can have a good meal at a restaurant, get inspired in the colorful sales shacks or keep track of the fishermen’s busy days while sitting on the beach.

Innholdsrik utflukt

Utflukten til Kafountine er innholdsrik, så regn med en hel dag. In addition to the port in Kafountine, we´ll also have a chance to visit textile stores, clothing stores, hardware stores and a large food market in addition to the arts and crafts market – great to visit if you’re planning on bringing gifts home. And besides, numerous cafes.

When the boats come in with their catch, the beach is chock full of onlookers. A colorful, but well regulated chaos! Young boys running to and fro with boxes of fish on their heads – they get paid by the box. Fish is salted, dried and smoked. Nets are being mended, motors fixed and smoke is drifting all over the place.

When the fishermen come in, you'll find all kinds of fish, including squid.

But there are dark clouds on the horizon. Large foreign trawlers are plundering the fishery resources. A recent feature is Chinese investors building fishmeal plants that are heavy polluters and don’t offer any local employment. They do as they please, to everybody’s great despair.

But tourism is slowly growing and is gradually more important for Kafountine.

After having seen the whole fisheries chain, it’s good to leave the harbor and get something cold to drink. Then it’s time to shop textiles, clothes and souvenirs and go to the vegetable market. Café Coleur’s shady back yard by the big baobab tree is a great place to relax after a day in Kafountine.