Come to the reptile park in Gambia


Day trip to a reptile park in Gambia. Here you get to see many exciting and exotic animals. The park’s job is to protect, study and inform about endangered reptile species.

Day excursion

We cross the river to Gambia and take a taxi to the reptile farm at Kartong. After the tour, enjoy a small meal in the local cafee, and visit the vibrant village of Kartong on the way back. Count on paying about 90 NOK for transportation, a guided tour and a small meal at the café.

The reptile park in Gambia is more than just an exciting reptile zoo. The government-supported park has taken on the task of protecting, studying and teaching about the region’s partly endangered reptile species. During the tour you will see snakes, varans, turtles and crocodiles.

Our guide is 11 year old Mohammed. He knows everything worth knowing about reptiles.

Snakes are not very popular, and people often kill them when they see them, whether the snake is venomous or not. Turtles are endangered, but that’s because people eat them even though they are protected. But all species have their place and function in nature, and the reptile farm in Gambia tries to change people’s attitudes regarding these creatures.