African dance really requires you to set your foot firmly to the ground! You have to stomp your feet hard, which besides is good training. After a day or two you might know several dances.

Dancefloors everywhere

The dancefloor can be the beach, a concrete floor or a sanddune between the trees – either in TinTing or close by. We have generous Drum-and Dance lessons – they last for over an hour or more.

Everybody dances – whether young or old, fat or skinny. Children bound to their mothers’ backs get the rhythms into their body while they are still tiny. At concerts the joy of dancing explodes. People stroll up to the stage – and are transformed into a fireworks of energy and agility.

In such a short time we will never be as good as the Africans, but in a few hours you can learn several traditional dances. Around the bonfire in the evening stiff Northern Europeans are allowed to throw themselves into the dance. Don’t be shy, it will be highly appreciated.