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Niafourang Village

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TinTing is only ten minute’s walk from the little village of Niafourang, and we work closely with the local community. As a local participant in the community we think it’s important to contribute in a positive and sustainable way.

Thanks to everybody who helped Niafourang build a house together with Norwegian architecture students. See the film about how it happened.

But we’re still not all finished – do you wish to support local employment?

read more about Friends of Niafourang here

Niafourang Village


Kindergarden, library, concerts, meetings, expositions and courses. More activities are coming. But one aim was to create employment. Tourism in close contact with the natural surroundings is one way to go, an agricultural college another. Are you interested in supporting for example courses for young people who want to learn about sustainable tourism?

Being young in Niafourang

GIrls carrying water

Girls on their way home with buckets full of fruit. The people of Niafourang hope that the kids in the village will grow up to find work in the area and stay in their own country.

Where do we go from here?


Now the community house is here. Among tasks we have planned are a charging station for cell phones, support for schooling for more children and contributing to more employment.

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