GDPR Regulations

Your data is your choice

At TinTing’s website, our responsibility is to manage your data in a safe, user-friendly and responsible manner, in accordance with the Personal Data Act. According to the updating of the privacy legislation in the EU, we have made it easier for you to get an overview of how we collect and process your data. uses your data to improve and customize the page to make it more relevant to you – without you missing out on anything. We also ensure that the services are safe to use. It is easy for you to control the use of data. Through our services you can see what data we store, and you can request to have them delivered or deleted.


It is you who decides which data we will use and what we will use it for. You can change this at any time: go to the settings in your browser or on your device to delete your user history from The exact procedure can vary from device to device:

In the browser: Select ‘Delete browser data’ from your browser settings. On iPhone, iPad and Android devices: Delete the app and download it again.

Do you have any questions? We´ll be happy to clearify it personally by mail!