Learn African cooking

You Do The Dinner Today?

Cooking the African way takes its time, and it’s hard work to bump spices and grain – but the result is delicious. The path from field to table doesn’t get any shorter. Maybe you do a day in the kitchen?


Maybe you will get some ideas for your cooking at home – pepper soup and TinTing’s coconut rolls, for instance, or Nicole’s tasty bean stew.

Slow food is trending at home, too. In Senegal all food is slow. It’s based on rice and fish, fried or grilled, with vegetables and salad right from the garden and the market. You get to taste traditional food such as pepper soup and millet stew. And if the summer has been good, you get the world’s best bean stew. Vegetarians are welcome.

If you want, you’re welcome to come along for shopping local products at the market and help prepare dinner afterwards.

TinTing Guests gathered for dinner