Morning River Trip

Morning River Trip

He knows the river better than most. Amadou Sambou (Alex) knows everything worth knowing about birds and fish and the mangroves, besides being an inspiring and enjoyable guide.

Quiet morning

This excursion must be booked a few days in advance.
We get up while it’s still dark and leave TinTing at 6 AM
Back for lunch.
The outing includes guiding along the river, breakfast at a café on the Gambian side of the river and boat back to TinTing. Price: Around 250 NOK per person.

After a quick cup of coffee we go up to the river. While we’re walking the sun rises, and before we get to the ford where the pirogues are waiting for us, daylight has broken. The canoes glide quietly along the river banks while we see eagles, kingfishers, pelicans and other birds. Afterwards we have breakfast at the Sunset Café right on the river bank on the Gambian side, before we continue by boat down to the river outlet near TinTing. Here we can have a swim and a beer at the Tilibo Horizon before walking home for lunch.

It’s also possible to extend the tour. The river network of mangroves stretches way into land. It’s a great adventure to sit in a narrow canoe paddling around in the labyrinth of waterways. You can go ashore in the village of Tionk Essil and stay overnight in a traditional old diola house with an open ceiling (impluvium).