It’s tempting to fill up your suitcase when you go shopping, and the good thing is that you won’t be bankrupted by it.

What can I buy?

Colorful textiles for table cloths and curtains, batik, handicrafts, masks, wood figures and wood jewelery, are good tips for gifts to take home. A lot of interesting things in the hardware store, too. Or have a dress sown for yourself.

In our village Niafourang you can buy honey, brooms and baskets made from palm leaves, but in Abéné and Kafountine there’s a hectic village life with stands and stores and tailors everywhere. Here there are also good stores for arts and crafts – new as well as old.

The tailor takes your measurements right here and will sew you a shirt, pants or a dress from the textiles you bought yourself. In a few days it’s finished, and you rarely pay more than a 100 NOK.

You can easily spend all day shopping, but luckily there are several cafés with shady gardens where you can cool off with something ice cold to drink while you plan your nest steps.