The Joy of Fishing

The Joy of Fishing

The river and the sea are full of fish, from the small river fish to the highly sought big whitefish and many others. Dinner often shows up at our door with one of the local fishermen. The big question is – will you be able to catch one? You’re also welcome to go out on a fishing boat in the afternoon and return next morning.

Learn from experienced fishermen

Take with you a fishing rod and a lunch box and go down to the river that runs into the ocean right below TinTing.
You could spend all day here, either you catch something or not. It’s exciting just to experience the river, watch the fishing boats go out and come back, and get to know all the friendly local fishermen.

Early in the morning our good neighbors Teophile and Albert are at work with their fishing rods. When the sun rises they go home. And then they come back in the afternoon. They know the river, and here you can catch a 20 pound fish if you’re lucky. They taste great. Other fishermen are posted in the little river – the bolong, where they toss out their nets in elegant circles.onto the water. They catch small fish and big crabs, perfect for spicy fish soup – pepper soup.

Fishermen on the beach with nets during sunset

The river changes the landscape, under water and above water. The force of the tide actually also changes the border between Senegal and Gambia. Gambia builds itself up, whole the bank on the Casamance side is gradually pushed further inland. Fishing boats sometimes get stranded when new sandbanks appear. Often they have to stay where they are till high tide is back to lift them back into the water.